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page 119 GEORGIA
6th page
February, 2001
Robert Pavey, Metro, Richmond County Superior Count , lawsuit, R.A. McElmurray, Boyceland Dairy, sludge, Messerly Waterplant, toxic levels of copper and cadmium accumulating in cow's kidneys and livers, jury trial, John M Tatum, Robert Mullins
page 120 GEORGIA
7th page
September 29, 1995:
Ben Smith III, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Stockbridge, H.J. Peterson, DeKalb County, hay, sewage sludge, Operations Management International, pole Bridge Creek WTP, Jonathan Weintraub, nitrate toxicity, bovine deaths, infertility, Ben Studdard.
page 121 GEORGIA
8th page
City of Albany, Georgia, Wynell Carter, Tommy Malone, Sani-Angri, nitrates in sludge, chicken litter, water buffalo, portable water tank
page 122 HAWAII
1st page
September 7, 1998
Hawaii, Paradise Sludged, Linda Lingle's Toxic Legacy, Scott Crawford,Maui County, Nicholas Natale, Rhabdomyosarcoma, public school, Maui EKO Compost Inc., Kalama School, Makawao, headaches, vomiting, radiation therapy, toxic tort lawsuits
page 123 HAWAII
2nd page
May 2, 20016
Rhabdomyosarcoma, Natale, Central Maui Landfill, Puunene, Maui EKO Systems , Cornell Waste Management Institute, EPA, Dr. David L. Lewis, Hugh Kaufman, James Bynum, Help for Sewage Victims in Washington State
page 124 HAWAII
3rd page
September 7, 1998
Heinz, DelMonte, National Food Processors Assoc., National Organic Standards Board, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, pathogen regrowth, E. coli, Salmonella, Dr. Donald Lisk, Dr. Stanford Tackett, cancer, Cornell, EKO Premium Compost
page 125 HAWAII
4th page
September 7, 1998
Lingle, Natale, Mau EKO Systems, Charles Davidson, Ken Hess, Hana Steel, Linda Zander Wailuku-Kahului Wastewater Reclamation Facility, Maui Composting Co., Puunene, Solid Waste, Elaine Baker, Marc Merritte, Goro Hokama, Harry Seraydarian, EPA, alternatives
page 126 HAWAII
5th page
September 7, 1998
Lingle, Hawaii of Health, Ebara Corp., Ralph Natale, Maui, pollution prevention
page 127 VIRGINIA
xth page
October 15, 1995
Dr. Stanford L. Tacket, IUP, The Indiana, PA Gazette re 503 Regulations, Judge Joshua Lowell Robinson, Circuit Court of Rappahannock, VA, Dr. Gregory K. Evanylo, VPI, Dr.Rufus Chaney, U.S. Dept. Agriculture, Dr. David Bouldin, Cornell, risk assessment
NOTE: this page is (temporarily) out of order: it was filed under Indiana, because it appeared in the Indiana, PA gazette, but the author lives in PA and testified in VA....
page 128 IOWA
1st page
August 23, 2000
Tom Saul, QUAD-CITY TIMES, Davenport, sludge backup, Alderman Ray Ambrose, Jim Morris, John Martin, claims, Dean Meyer, Dave Lammers, cancer, lymphoma, Dr. Michelle West, State Health Registry of Iowa
page 129 IOWA
2nd page
December 21. 1995
Nora Thompson, Prole, Iowa DesMoines, respiratory problems, sinus infections, strange molds, smells like hog lagoon

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